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1 CD Stay Awake With Me - Dan Owen
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In terms of rock'n'roll tales, Dan Owen has had a head start on most musicians his age. Forget social media and canny collaborations, the 25 year old has earned his success the fun, old-fashioned way.He started out playing every pub that would have him and honed his craft with old bluesmen who gave him his own nickname. He has gone from performing for politicians at Westminster to partying in Nashville with Willie Nelson. This Shropshire boy with the big blues voice has a wealth of stories to share.Dan's debut album, Stay Awake With Me, out August 17th, distils a decade of experience and half a lifetime of playing live into ten spectacular songs. Some are already familiar. New single 'Icarus', which proved a smash hit currently across Europe, and became a fixture on both Radio 1 and Radio 2. Its predecessor 'Made To Love You' has surpassed 12 million streams and garnered widespread acclaim for a video that deals with domestic abuse. Last year's breakthrough track 'Hideaway' continues to soundtrack a ground-breaking Boots advert.Fans fortunate enough to have seen Dan's raucous live show in recent years will also recognise a handful of songs from his self-released EPs, albeit rerecorded with brass and sumptuous strings. But the raw power of that deep, rich, resonant voice remains undimmed throughout.

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