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1 CD Spacehopper - Tripwires
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As for what that entails, the group is quick to name-check everyone from Neil Young and Yo La Tengo to the Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth. Not to mention countless strains of Krautrock and the two albums they can all agree on: Talk Talk s Spirit of Eden and 666, a demented double LP from the Vangelis-led Aphrodite s Child collective. While those artists may read like randomly selected record tore references, Tripwires debut album doesn t quote anything directly. Subconsciously maybe, but never as a nod to anyone but themselves, whether they re sampling interstellar static ( Slow Mo ), dodging dollops of feedback ( Plasticine ), or floating through power chords and thunder-clapped storm clouds ( Spacehopper ). The main strength of this band is our closeness as friends, they explain. It s allowed us to stay strong as a unit, with very little influence from people on the outside. It s pretty hard for anyone to worm their way in and gain our trust. That explains how Tripwires went from covering Slipknot hey, we were all young once during their lunch break to slowly but surely hovering in the stratosphere between pedal-pushing shoegaze pop and pressure-cooked psych rock. And if the nearly eight minutes of experimentation that went into Tinfoil Skin are any indication, they re not done fine-tuning their tracks yet either. Not even a little bit.

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