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1 CD Secret Canon Vol 1 - Dayna Kurtz
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Brooklyn resident Dayna Kurtz's new record, Secret Canon, Vol 1 (Kismet) recorded in 4 days, live to tape in New York and New Orleans, pays homage to some undersung nuggets mostly from the late 50's to the early 60's. Dayna says: "I love finding lost songs, and my favorite songs from every genre were from this era. There were so many wonderful storefront record labels - we've all heard of Chess, Stax, and Motown - but every city had at least one, (some had several) and an awful lot of artists and writers that were only known regionally released some brilliant songs. I like to dig deep to find buried treasure, and I m lucky to be friends with a lot of dedicated collectors who know my tastes who pass along great finds as well. I usually slip one or two of these lost gems in every record, but SCV1 is the first time I really collected specifically for one recording. When asked to describe herself, Dayna simply calls herself a genre outlaw, adding My favorite artists Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan refused to be pinned down by labels. I want to color with all the crayons in the box. There s just too much beautiful music in the world to be inspired by to narrow it down. If it moves me, it moves me genre has nothing to do with soul. She ll be touring in the US this Spring and Europe in Summer and Fall.

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